Skin Care

Deep Pore/European Facial

This treatment goes deeper than just a basic facial. Galvanic and LED Therapy* are used to help extract dirt and oil trapped deep down in your pores, while enhancing product penetration.  The skin is exfoliated, steamed, extracted, sanitized, and soothed with a cool powder mask.

*Contraindications for this treatment: Pregnancy, seizures, pacemakers, epilepsy, excessive fillings, braces, metal pins/plates in face, asthma, very nervous clients, heart conditions, cancer

Facial (Basic Purifying)

Your skin will be cleansed, exfoliated, purified, and refreshed with this facial; it will give you a nice glow and refreshed look.  *Does not include extractions ($15 extra)




European Facials$75 / 75 minutes
Facials$45 / 30 minutes